2012 Club Round 6

Blaine Robinson – Club Round 6

Having postponed round 6 for the previous 2 weeks due to no surf the comp was finally run in small 0-1ft surf in the middle of D’bah on Saturday 1st September 2012.

Conditions were tough for everyone however the early high tide saw a few 2ft monster peaks role through to thrill the crowd of parents who gathered to watch the kids all do their best with what they were given by the surf gods.

The usual crew showed they were able to adapt to the tiny conditions generating enough power to blast plenty of finners, with first round winners in the Cadet division, progressing to straight through to the quarters, including;  Max, Bayley, Nathan, Korbin & Blaine. In the Junior division Max, Ashlee, Dextar & Korbin all dominated their heats to progress through to the Junior Semi’s.

The Cadet repacharge saw Ashlee & Pauly making the most of their 2nd chance opportunity to then progress to the Cadet’s quarter finals.

The quarters and semi’s of the Cadets & Juniors saw some very close results with much depending on who could find big enough ripples to be able to link some turns together to build a score. Once again experience across all types of conditions, as well power generated by body strength (not the waves), rewarded Max, Nathan, Korbin & Lewis with a finals spot in the Cadet’s with Max Nathan & Korbin also making it to the Junior final along with Blaine.

Next to hit the water was the women who also demonstrated their power surfing in the tiny conditions to put on an exciting final’s display, with Brittani taking out the win from Grace, Ashlee & Audrey who placed 2nd to 4th respectively. It was probably a great preparation for Brittani, Grace & Audrey who were leaving for Europe the following week to compete in the ASP 6 star women’s events in Spain & Portugal. Good luck girls from all the crew at Kirra.

The grom finalists then took centre stage and the small conditions didn’t faze them at all with waste to chest height waves allowing for some great top to bottom surfing. Once again Jai took out the win from Blair in another close tussle, with Blake 3rd & Luke H 4th in his first grom final. Well done boys.

The open finalists then put on a masterful display with some extremely powerful surfing by Andre, in what looked like ankle sized waves, giving him the highest wave scores of the day and a well deserved win. Dextar took 2nd place in the opens in a close one from Maui 3rd & Sam 4th.

The Cadet finalists were up next & inspired by Andre’s power surfing in the Open’s, also showed that they could rip in the challenging low tide conditions. Korbin kept busy hunting down whatever tiny peak he could spot to blast apart, to take the win from Max, Nathan & Lewis (2nd to 4th respectively) who all played the more patient game of waiting for sets, which were few and far between by this stage.

The Masters were unsure whether the conditions would allow them to even catch a wave, but some tiny lumps of swell offered enough power for Paul to whip some turns through on a couple of good ones to give him the win from Phil, Hugh & Dave (2nd to 4th).

The Junior Finalist then had the chance to show the Masters how it’s done with Blaine throwing down some powerful backhand hacks to take his first Junior final win of the year in a close one from Korbin, Max & Nathan (2nd to 4th)

Thanks again to Volcom for the gift vouchers & other prizes which were shared across the finalists of each division and Jenny for preparing and BBQ Baz for cooking all the hot food to feed the hungry crew.

Final results, Club Round 6, for each division were;

Grommets; 1st – Jai Ross, 2nd – Blair Mandall, 3rd – Blake Horsey, 4th – Luke Hutchings

Cadets; 1st – Korbin Hutchings, 2nd – Max Tobin, 3rd – Lewis Capellari, 4th – Nathan Still

Juniors; 1st – Blaine Robinson, 2nd – Korbin Hutchings, 3rd – Max Tobin, 4th – Nathan Still

Opens; 1st – Andre Teixeira, 2nd – Dextar Muskens, 3rd – Maui Lacaze, 4th – Sam Watson

Masters; 1st – Paul Ross, 2nd – Phil Brown, 3rd – Hugh Pierpont, 4th – Dave Still

Next Club Round Sunday 14th October 2012. Meet at D’bah hill from 6.30am for a 7.30am start for the Groms, Cadet & Junior divisions with Opens & Masters to be signed on before a 10am start.

Photos below from Club Round 6 – taken by Dave Still & Paul Ross KSC