2011 KSC Club Presentation

On Sunday the 18th December 2011, the 2011 KSC Presentation and Christmas Party was held at the recently refurbished Kirra Beach Hotel.

Many current and life members attended including Tommy & Mrs Peterson who presented the Michael Peterson award to the Junior 3rd place winner Josh Atkins (MP’s first trophy from the club was for 3rd in the Junior division in the 60’s).

The top 4 place winners in each division also received their trophies and prizes from President Jason Thomas with some special prizes also awarded to the clubs many volunteer helpers. Division place winners included;

Micro Grommets

  1. Luke Vidler


  1. Blaine Robinson
  2. Max Tobin
  3. Josh Atkins
  4. Bayley Thomas


  1. Coby Perkovich
  2. Blaine Robinson
  3. Josh Atkins
  4. Max Tobin


  1. Coby Perkovich
  2. Sam Watson
  3. Cameron Taylor
  4. Brittany Nicol

Senior Mens

  1. Sam Watson
  2. Craig Davis
  3. Justin Holland
  4. Scott Reddie


  1. Jason Thomas
  2. Mike Tobin
  3. Paul Ross
  4. Bernie Vidler

Most Improved Surfer for 2011 Award

  1. Paul Posadas

Special thanks (as well as a bottle of bubbly) also went out to Jenny Sheehan, Vanessa Thomas, Amy Robinson, Barry Gimson & Bernie Vidler for their help during the year with the BBQ at Club Rounds & Fund Raisers as well as to Bernie for looking after and towing around the club trailer all year.

Good Luck KSC in 2012!!



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