2013 Club Round 2

 Blair Mandall finner

Blair Mandall – Club Round 2

17 March 2013 – The Kirra crew were amped for some pumping Kirra Point for Club Round 2, as it had turned it on for the previous week during and after the Quiky Pro Finals.

But alas the swell dropped significantly leading into the weekend so it was back to D’bah for some 2-3ft windy peaks.

All the crew had a great time with some standout performances across the board.

Most promising Surfer of the round was Joey Posadas competing in his first Kirra comp and getting some long rides. He won the  Grill’d Coolangatta dinner voucher and enjoyed a great feed with his family that night. Well done Joey

Thanks again to Volcom for the prizes which were shared across the surfers in each division and Grill’d Coolangatta for the food voucher

Finally thanks to all the parents and kids who judged across the day and Jenny, Amy and the crew for preparing and cooking the BBQ to feed the hungry surfers & judges.

Final results, Club Round 2 for 2013, for each division were;

Grommets; 1st – Luke Vidler, 2nd – Quinn Butel,  3rd – Joey Posadas

Cadets; 1st – Blaine Robinson, 2nd – Jai Ross, 3rd – Blair Mandall, 4th – Josh Atkins

Juniors; 1st – Blaine Robinson, 2nd – Max Tobin, 3rd – Jai Ross, 4th – Blair Mandall

Opens; 1st – Max Tobin, 2nd – Dextar Muskens, 3rd – Brittani Nicholl ,

Masters; 1st – Paul Ross , 2nd –Mike Tobin, 3rd – Hugh Pierpoint, 4th – Phil Brown, 5th – Matt Butel

Next Club Round Sunday 14th April 2013. Meet at D’bah hill from 6.30am for a 7.30am start for the Groms, Cadet & Junior divisions with Opens & Masters to be signed on prior to 10.30am

Photos below from Club Round 2 – taken by Mike