2013 VKTC Results Day 1



Day one of the 2013 Volcom Kirra Teams Challenge saw a vast change in conditions and a massive contrast in wave size from the morning heats to those surfed in the afternoon

The early high tide made the call easy for the comp to be held at Rainbow Bay as D’bah & Snapper were out of control and both Kirra and Cooly were small, inconsistent and wind affected. The first few heats saw some nice 3-4ft runners peel down the point from little Marley through to Greenmount headland allowing competitors to reel off some great carves and cutties to achieve waves scores in the mid range.

Early winners were Snapper’s Mitch Parkinson, Kirra’s Jake Cumberland, D’bah’s Asher Wales & WindanSea’s Eli Steele (with the highest heat score of the day with a 14.66) who were able to impress the judges sufficiently to outpoint their rivals.

As the tide dropped the Rainbow Bay section decreased in size and became very sweepy & choppy. The start of Round 2 saw the first surfers venture out to the Snapper section which had previously been a close out.

This paid off immediately for Snapper’s Noa Dean who scored a 9 point ride off the bat with a clean barrel which set up another win for Snapper. This was followed by some nice outside rides by Noosa’s Harry Bryant who secured 2nd for his club.

The fickle nature of this swell saw the next few heats struggle with the conditions but it allowed Kirra’s Max Tobin take a another win for the Kirra team, with Mikey Wright winning for Le-Ba club & Kenta Ishikawa for the Alley team.

As the afternoon rolled on every team committed to the Snapper bank, which started to fire.

Standouts in the afternoon session included Shane Holmes from the North Shelly Club who scored the highest wave score of the day with a 9.7 for a long and deep barrel across Snapper. Other winners who impressed the judges included Kelly Norris from Coolum and Chippa Wilson from Cabarita.

At the end of the day four teams shared the lead with Kirra, Snapper, Coolum & Le-Ba all on two wins and a 2nd place each. Close on their heels were Noosa & Cabarita who each had one first place & two x 2nd places to head up a close bunch of other teams any of which can still snatch the title of best boardriders club in Australia, over the next few days with a few wins.

Good luck to all competing clubs in the fun, but ever changing conditions over the weekend.