Mick Fanning wins 2014 J-Bay Open

Mick 2

Mick Fanning has reignited his world surfing championship defense with victory in the sixth ASP event of the year, the J-Bay Open yesterday in South Africa.

Fanning beat good friend and former world champion Joel Parkinson with a heat total of 17.00  points to Joel’s 13.60 in the final in epic 6 to 8 ft surf.

Both surfers paddled out for the final heat with two previous event victories at Jeffreys Bay. The “Coolie Kids'” final put Snapper Rocks against Kirra in South African waters and they knew wave selection would be decisive.

Parkinson caught the first wave but got clipped. Fanning answered with a long ride and two barrels through the Impossibles section, on his way to an excellent score (9.00 points). Impeccable wave management by Fanning, setting the bar for the rest of the final.

The waves kept pumping in perfect mode and Fanning paddled for his second wave and completed another double barrel on the fast Jeffrey’s  Bay raceway. Fanning had Parkinson on the ropes. His third wave provided another solid score (8.00) cementing his lead. It was Mick’s day.

The second half of the final opened with a committed response from Joel Parkinson. He managed to leave combo land, but Fanning was focused and ready to fire his powerful carves. Fanning maintained his lead and ultimately won the final giving him his third J-Bay Open title.

“It was a good start but it’s Joel Parkinson, you know. He’s one of my favourite surfers of all time, best friend as well. He can pull things out. I’m just stoke. It was just an incredible day,” says Mick Fanning.

“That’s why we train. For big days like today. Lines were just coming down the point. It was just incredible, a magical day. This is a dream for us. If we saw these waves going on Instagram, we’d freak out. To have a contest here is amazing.”

The win moves Fanning up to No. 3 in the 2014 ASP world title race, positioning him well for another world title attempt with five events remaining on this year’s tour.

Congratulations Mick and good luck for the rest of the year from all the crew at the Kirra Surfriders Club

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