About KSC

Kirra Surfriders Club was first formed in 1962 by a group of local surfers in the Kirra – Coolangatta area. Local John Charlton had a business hiring surfboards and surf mats on the beach at Kirra. He generously gave the new club access to the dressing sheds in the pavilion so they would have somewhere to hold meetings. These meetings were held in the ladies dressing sheds because they were much cleaner than the men’s..!

Fifty years later and the Kirra Surfriders Club is as strong as ever, with club meetings held regularly in the club house.. which is right next door to the old dressing sheds in the Kirra pavilion..!

Our aim has always been to ensure the future and development of the Club. We also nurture dedicated committee Members and future champions amongst the Club’s ranks, and of course have plenty of fun in the surf and sun while we’re doing it.

We urge all lapsed members to get back in contact with us, and if you have any tales about the club from back in the early days please send them through.