Day 2 – 2014 Kirra Teams Challenge

Mitch pulling into his winning barrel

Photo above; Mitch Duggan, winner of Ht 31 for Kirra slotting into one of the throaty barrels of the day at Kirra Point

Awesome day of surfing for day 2, of the Kirra Teams Challange on a building swell at the home of the Kirra Surfriders Club, KIRRA!

First time the teams challenge has been held here since the late 80’s so all teams were stoked to get some epic waves at our famous point break.

Thanks to Cyclone Lusi, the swell started at a fun 3-5ft for the morning heats and built all day, with some solid 8ft sets rolling through the low tide, onshore, line up by days end.

Plenty of Barrels were enjoyed by all competitors as this day will go down in history as one of the best Kirra Teams Challenge days of surf ever.

The judges were so excited about the great surf they awarded two perfect 10 point rides today.

They went to;

Woody Jack of Angourie who won heat 27 and posted a heat total 15.83

Jye Gofton of Coolum who won heat 30 with a heat total 16.17

Highest heat score of day was Jay Bottle Thompson of Burleigh who won heat 38 with a heat total of 17.90

At the end of Day 2 Merewether lead the pack with 4 x 1st’s & a 2nd followed by Angourie, Coffs Harbour, North Shelly, Avoca and Kirra in 6th place with 2 x 1st’s, 2 x 2nd’s & a 3rd place.

View Team standings after day 2 of the 2014 Kirra Teams Challenge here

Photos below of day 2 taken by Mike T