KSC Calendar

Please find below the Kirra Surfriders Club event calendar for 2017.

Membership notes:

Membership is welcome for new & old. All surfers are to paid up before they can surf in events. For membership forms or click here for more information. Our monthly Club meetings are held in the club rooms, with a committee meeting at 5.00pm then the general meeting for all at 6.30pm.

Club Title event notes:

All surfers will be sent a phone text or the website will be updated with details the day before the event. Please inform the committee if you’re not getting messages. If you change your contact details at any time please also inform the committee.

Club rounds meet at Club room at Kirra (next to Pizza hut) at 7.00am Qld time; events are mobile & subject to change. Ring Sheeny (0447 645 609) for more information.

Back-up days may be included to allow for poor surf conditions, committee will set a date & inform surfers on the Kirra website.

All members are asked to help support the club at all events, including setting up & pulling down the event site. All surfers are asked to help & learn to judge events. When you have had your heat please come forward & judge as ‘many hands make light work’.

Click here to contact the committee

Kirra Calendar 2017

5th February – Opens

12th February – Micro Groms, Juniors, ladies and Mens Masters

5th March – opens

Kirra Teams Challenge 10th, 11th and 12th March

2nd April -Micro Groms, Juniors, Ladies and Mens Masters

23rd April – Opens

7th May -Micro Groms, Juniors, Ladies and Mens Masters

18th June – Opens

2nd July – Opens

16th July -Micro Groms, Juniors, Ladies and Mens masters

6th August -Micro Groms, Juniors, Ladies and Mens Masters

September Junior Kirra Teams Challenge date TBA

1st Oct -Micro Groms, Juniors, Ladies and Mens Masters

15th Oct – Opens

5th November – Micro Groms, Juniors, Ladies and Mens Masters

19th November – Opens

3rd December – Micro Groms, Juniors, Ladies and Mens Masters

17th December – Novelty Comp all divisions

Meet at clubhouse 7:00

am sharp (Qld Time) to sign on