2012 Club Round 1

Max Tobin, Club Round 1 – Rainbow Bay

Club Round 1 held on Sunday 5th of February 2012, provided perfect weather and 3-5ft offshore Superbank walls for more than 45 member surfers competing in 34 Heats across 4 divisions.

Great waves were caught by all competitors with some surfed from Little Marley, off the end of Snapper, through to the Greenmount headland and down into Coolongatta.

The judges & spotters had their work cut out keeping track of each surfer during their heats with many non competitors also wearing coloured rashies which helped to confuse the judges.

Max Tobin & Nathan Still showed their stamina, surfing well through the rounds to make the finals of both the Cadet (16 & under) & Junior (20 & under) divisions with Max finishing 2nd in both divisions and Nathan 4th in each. Other standouts in these divisions were Blain Robinson, winning the Cadets and Dextar Muskens, who won the Juniors

In the Opens division,  Andre Texeria and Ed Amorin dominated their heats with explosive surfing, with Andre taking home the slab of beer for finishing the day as the No.1 Open surfer

Special thanks to Bernie for managing the trailer, set up & pack up and for BBQ Baz, Jenny, Vanessa & Amy for keeping everyone well fed. Also thanks to all the parents who helped out with spotting,  judging &  tallying etc across the day.

Final results, Club Round 1, for each division were;

Cadets; 1st –  Blain Robinson, 2nd – Max Tobin, 3rd – Ky McGillvray, 4th – Nathan Still

Juniors; 1st – Dextar Muskens, 2nd – Max Tobin, 3rd – Bayley Thomas, 4th – Nathan Still

Opens; 1st – Andre Texeria, 2nd – Ed Amorin, 3rd – Tom Halloran, 4th – Sam Watson

Masters; 1st – Terry Robinson, 2nd – Hugh Peirpoint, 3rd – Mike Tobin, 4th – Scott McGillvray

Highest placed female surfer in Opens; Brittani Nicholl

Next Club Round Sunday 11th March 2012. Meet at D’bah hill from 6.30am for a 7.30am start for the Groms, Cadet & Junior divisions with Opens & Masters to be signed on before a 10am start.