Life Members & Patrons

Life Members

Life membership is generally considered to be the highest award an organisation can bestow upon one of its members. Life membership in Kirra Surfriders Club is no different. We award life membership in recognition of the exceptional contributions of an individual to our club, to the community and to the sport of surfing.

Accordingly a life member should be an exceptional citizen who has consistently contributed to Kirra Surfriders over an extended period of time and who has demonstrated a significant and sustained commitment toward the enhancement and reputation of our club.

Please find a list below of the Kirra Surfriders Club life members;

Allen, Harry
Baker, Luke
Ball, Stuart
Black, Graham
Brady, Paul
Branch, Colleen
Budd, Brian
Bullock, Damien
Butler, Tony
Cross, Paul
Daley, Paul
Davey, Darryl
Fanning, Mick
Gill, Kerry
Gill, Robby
Goddard, Steve
Green, Darryl
Handley, Darren
Helisma, Geoff
Manicaros, Ray
Marshall, Barney
Marshall, Greg
Marshall, Scott
Oaks, Scott
Peterson, Michael
Peterson, Tom
Pinnager, Laurie
Poole, John
Power, Dwayne
Robin, John
Scammel, Graeme
Scammel, Lynn
Sheehan, Jenny
Sheehan, Paul
Standing, John
Sutherland, Barry
Sutherland, Mal
Uraha, Chris
Visco, Darren
West, Dave
Woodrick, Brian

Club Patrons

Club Patrons are individuals who have provided long term support and / or sponsorship to the Kirra Surfriders Club over an extended period of time but who may not have ever been a member of the club. The role of a Club Patron is part promoter of the club and its members and part supporter of the clubs activities and ongoing success. The honor of being awarded the status of a Club patron is also in recognition of the respect that the Kirra Surfriders Club has for the individual. Club Patrons have the right to attend all meetings of the Club and speak on any matter, but may not vote on any matter in their capacity as a Club Patron.

Please find a list below of The Kirra Surfriders Club Patrons;

Charlton, John
Peterson, Joan
Stafford, Bill Snr